Service-Stats - Features and Benefits

Designed by the outsourcing experts, Service-Stats is our online research methodology, which generates objective, actionable views quickly and regularly.  Service-Stats combines two distinct sources of feedback: customers who have called you in the past week, and our research panel of 10,000 consumers who benchmark your operation against your competitors.

Our Service


  • You send us a Excel file once a week of names and e-mail addresses of customers who have called your centre(s) in the past week (5 minutes a week for your IT team)
  • You can tag this data any way you want: for example by location, department, campaign, team, advisor
  • We do all the rest
  • You receive your survey results in the form of a weekly dashboard
  • You receive a monthly or quarterly review (depending on your subscription) including benchmarking against competitors in your specific vertical, and against the market in general
  • You receive all the respondents’ free text comments
  • You have the option to add survey questions and deeper analysis
  • You and your managers and team leaders have the option to access our real-time analysis portal


  • On-line technology assesses Contact Centre Quality of Service in real time
  • Objective and actionable customer views delivered quickly and regularly to your desktop
  • Aside from your own results, we ask the same benchmarking questions about other providers in your vertical market
  • We also access the views of our own independent and statistically representative panel of 10,000 consumers every month
  • Traditional surveys and mystery shopping exercises are expensive, and usually out of date by the time you get the information
  • Service-Stats empowers managers and team leaders to take developmental and operational decisions based on up to the minute customer feedback

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