Operational Support for Contact and Call Centres

Every one of our team began our careers in the call centre industry ‘on the phones’.  We’ve all been Team Leaders, Project Managers, Call Centre Directors, Interim Managers – on both the captive and outsourced sides of the business. 

Our Service

We’ve been involved from the start with the early adopters and with the birth of many industry bodies such as the CCA.  We’ve seen the birth of off-shoring – and the backlash.  We’ve witnessed the move towards true Business Process Outsourcing, the commoditisation at the lower end and the projects at the top end worth hundreds of millions.

Whether you’d simply like one of our team to spend half a day at your site and give you some feedback, or whether you’d like a root and branch review of all aspects of your Centre, we can help. 

We have seen all the triumphs and tragedies over the years.  We’ve won many awards between us, and probably made every mistake: let us save you the time and trouble or reinventing the wheel.

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