Contact Centre Training

Remember the days when people said “you can’t sell mortgages over the phone!”? 

Maybe you don’t remember – perhaps we’re showing our age …

Our Service

We have been in the contact centre training business since the 1980s.  Our trainers have been involved in setting up some of the most prestigious projects for the early adopters: First Direct, Eagle Star Direct, Abbey National Direct – to name just three. 

We are still involved on both the in-house and outsource sides of the industry, and we are up to date with the latest thinking and methodologies, as well as tried and trusted principles which we have shown to work over the past 20 years.

We can train:

  • Front-line staff, whether they work in sales, customer service, technical support, billing and so on: we can help them deal with routine and more awkward calls, increase their customer satisfaction scores, and lower their call handling times
  • Team Leaders: as well as core management skills, we place a strong emphasis on coaching, giving your TLs the skills, confidence and tools needed to coach the optimum performance from their people – as well as generating greater job satisfaction for each individual
  • Train-the-trainer: we have worked with many training teams over the years, helping them increase their delivery skills, their ability to organise themselves and their department, and ultimately raise the skills profile of their organisation.  We have even set up whole training departments for some blue-chip clients.  We can help your training team to deliver better trainings in shorter time frames, which will ultimately manifest in higher skills levels in your staff

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